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oh, gosh darn

Now, how many times have I vowed to update my g*log more often over the years? Feh.. who knows. Falling short of making another promise to keep you informed I shall offer this: Life has been NUTS since we last sat and talked. Nuts, mostly in the best ways possible, that is. It’s safe to say that instead of pining time in front of the computer, I’ve been out and about and experiencing lots of life-changes.

Let’s see. There was the stint traveling in Europe this past summer, Petra and I got engaged last winter, married in September on the Cape, and then two weeks after that hopped in the ’73 VW THING and drove to San Francisco (where we got engaged) via a somewhat circuitous route (see the adventure here).

I type this now from our new flat in the Noe Valley neighborhood of vibrant San Francisco – yes, we picked up and moved here, and are just starting to settle in. The house is sweet, with a two-car garage, a driveway, and a back yard with terrace and a big lemon tree, and a few of the rooms still resemble a warehouse with all the boxes piled up.

This is all I have time for now – and maybe.. JUST MAYBE, I’ll carve out some time in the near or distant future to post some more – no promises, though.

Ciao, for now, from San Francisco!