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New Digs

The past six or so months, or maybe it’s more like the past year and a half, has been a time of new digs… so why not jostle around the virtual residence of the g*log, too, right?   I finally decided to migrate away from the clunky-by-comparison, which admittedly served well – and over to wordpress.  It’s all very exciting, I know.  Actually, what motivated me was this damn cold I have – maybe it’s the fucking swine flu (which I have moved to rename The Oink), I don’t know.  It feels like a nasty head cold to me, and nothing more.

I’m not dead yet, so that’s good.  Now, where was I?

Oh, right – back to new digs… My last post indicated a corporate move, which actually went pretty well all things considered.  When P and I moved to San Francisco, I rented an office down in Jackson Square – the historic epicenter of San Francisco proper – while the building was way cool, in a great little neighborhood, I couldn’t deal with the dramatics of subletting an office from someone in the “high-fashion” PR biz.  While most of the time it was just fine, there was a triteness that I just couldn’t accept.  Everything was a big deal – I was being over-charged for just about everything – from trash pickup to an alarm system that wasn’t actually monitored by ADT.  The final straw was when the woman I was subletting the office from was going to increase my rent, because her rent was being increased… which is normal, right?  Yes.. and no.  You see, her rent was being increased because the owner of the building couldn’t stand her, so, ostensibly, I’d be paying a “service fee” because she was a pain in the ass.  No thanks.  That would have brought my per-square-foot cost up to $7.20, some five bucks higher than the current average per/sq-ft charge in downtown San Francisco.  Time to keep on keepin’ on.

I found a great space though – the top floor of an old warehouse in the SoMa neighborhood – while the district itself isn’t nearly as enticing or pleasant to walk around, the price is very right, the space is very large, and it’s two miles closer to home, so my life-expectancy has increased as a direct result of cutting 2 miles of biking through the heart of downtown San Francisco on Market St.   Here be some pictures:

main work area

main work area

lounge, dining area & workshop

lounge, dining area & workshop

I haven’t gotten off my ass to process more photos of the construction of the edit suite and all that, so deal with it!

Backing up further, P and I, after about six months of tirelessly looking at houses all over San Francisco, purchased our first home, right in the geographic center of the city in the Twin Peaks / Diamond Heights district.  It’s a sweet little midcentury house, built in the mid-50’s and in fantastic condition, inside and out.  We have a back yard, a driveway big enough for two cars, gardens, a garage, workshop, three bedrooms and all of the other normal house-stuff.  There’s even a nice south-facing view and a ton of daylight from sunup to sundown.  It’s nice to watch the fog swirling just one or two streets below us, while we have nothing but blue skies above, lots of trees around (it backs up to Twin Peaks Park), replete with redtail hawks, ravens, raccoons, and a family of skunky-ass skunks.  Needless to say, we love it up here in our perch, some 800 feet above sea level.  It’s quite, the neighbors are nice and it’s like living in the ‘burbs, but only in the center of the metropolis.  Here be some photos:

Before that, we rented, for exactly one year, a 1 bedroom flat in Noe Valley in a pre-1900’s victorian.  It was a cool neighborhood, right in betwixt Noe’s 24th St, the Mission, Twin Peaks, and the Castro districts.  Convenient: yes, but it was a rental and the upstairs neighbors were excessively noisy, and they lit the deck on fire one day.

But, here we are, to stay for a while, I’d say.  It’s nice to have a sense of permanency and a home in a city which we both just adore.  Not a day goes by where I don’t think “well, shit.. I actually live here…”

Not the most exciting post, but it should get you up to basic speed on all the movin’ around and whatnot.

I have to go sneeze now.  Buy stock in Kleenex – I’m using a lot of it.


11th & Mission

I’m sitting here at the dining table at the new office, overlooking from the fourth floor the corners of 11th and Mission St in San Francisco, while the sheetrockers apply the first coat of mud in the edit suite. Seems that I only get around to posting something to ye olde g*log when there is literally nothing else to do. That being said, life has been full and fulfilling since I last posted, back whenever it was I posted something.

If you’re reading this, you likely already know that we bought a house here in the city, work has been going well (enough so to warrant moving into new office space downtown), and honestly, I couldn’t be more content. When I say ‘content’, I in no way mean ‘complacent’, San Francisco has been kind to us in the year and a half or more since our relocation from Boston, and there seems to never be a dull moment.

In the greater world, things seemingly couldn’t get any worse, and yet things have never been better, as we have a refreshing new face in the previously too-white house, with fresh ideas, an ability to speak to the world with respect and compassion and understanding that the views of the USA aren’t necessarily in line with everyone, and the courage to actually take some real risks to solve the foundation. Last night, over dinner with friends, I said that Obama is lifting the house up to build a new foundation under it, instead of simply patching the roof or replacing some plumbing.

It’s all very exciting.

I don’t really have anything in mind here, simply wanting to put some thoughts down and keep the g*log somewhat alive.

If you read this, leave a note in the comments section so I know that there is at least some viewership!

Until then, be warm, be well.




OK, I realize there is likely very limited readership here these days – need to start posting more, and I have been feeling the urge to write more lately…

Might as well start off with a Rant this morning.. and this is to be short and sweet.

One of the things that irks me the most about George W. Bush, is how he speaks – the man can barely form a proper sentence, and when he does (or as close-to as is possible), it’s filled with mispronunciations. OK, so the idiot has a pseudo-texas drawl – how charming and inline with “regular folks”. I’m sure it went a long way towards getting him elected.

I can barely listen to the man speak, opting instead for transcripts, because he is a bumbling, fumbling, arrogant buffoon who makes the rest of us “regular folks” look like idiots to the rest of the world. It’s embarrassing. You can’t deny that the opinion of Americans abroad has suffered immeasurably in the past eight years. If you do deny that fact, maybe it’s time to travel some and see for yourself.

Anyhow, let’s move on to dear Sarah Palin. I’ve been listening intently to all of the precious few interviews in the past weeks, and surmise that she, like Dubya, has a less-than-presidential grasp of the English language, and the cutesy dialect she has is amply irritating to bear witness to. I’m sorry, if you’re going to speak on this level, please speak correctly. It seems like every other word out of her mouth is truncated with the ” ‘in “… “Workin, learnin’, spendin’, travelin’, campaignin’, knowin’, runnin’, helpin'” and so on.

I won’t even get into her apparent tattooed lipliner, the excessive makeup, the too-perfect hair and posture, and her complete lack of “knowlidge” of the world and domestic stage…

Time for work… but dontchya think maybe like she’s like, totally unfit to be in y’know, high pol’tics? “Regular Folks”, in their right mind, wouldn’t even want to be there….


Whoa! What’s this?

… Yup – a post, that’s what.

Just under the wire for a year elapsed since my last post. Of course, there have been plenty-o-action on the adventures-of blog, so lay off, ok?

Honestly, I kind of forgot that this blog was even here. I would love to think that I would have ample time to post stuff, because hot damn is there stuff going on – mostly for the greater good, thankfully.

Anyhow, not sure how many of you are linked up to this via RSS feeds and what not, but a show of hands might actually convince me to blather on!

Hope this finds you well,



oh, gosh darn

Now, how many times have I vowed to update my g*log more often over the years? Feh.. who knows. Falling short of making another promise to keep you informed I shall offer this: Life has been NUTS since we last sat and talked. Nuts, mostly in the best ways possible, that is. It’s safe to say that instead of pining time in front of the computer, I’ve been out and about and experiencing lots of life-changes.

Let’s see. There was the stint traveling in Europe this past summer, Petra and I got engaged last winter, married in September on the Cape, and then two weeks after that hopped in the ’73 VW THING and drove to San Francisco (where we got engaged) via a somewhat circuitous route (see the adventure here).

I type this now from our new flat in the Noe Valley neighborhood of vibrant San Francisco – yes, we picked up and moved here, and are just starting to settle in. The house is sweet, with a two-car garage, a driveway, and a back yard with terrace and a big lemon tree, and a few of the rooms still resemble a warehouse with all the boxes piled up.

This is all I have time for now – and maybe.. JUST MAYBE, I’ll carve out some time in the near or distant future to post some more – no promises, though.

Ciao, for now, from San Francisco!



Moon Sammy

Moonrise 2
Originally uploaded by gregfulcher.

We’ve had a few splendid moonrises as of late… This one I snapped just as I got off the highway heading home from an afternoon of mountain biking up in NH. I like the alignment of the street lamp, moon, and oncoming car. Need to travel with a tripod more often though.

Each outing with the new camera yields better results, should be up to speed super-soon.

Speaking of moonrises, last night I surprised Petra with a trip up to Plum Island, in Newburyport, MA for an evening picnic involving take-out Thai food, a bottle of petite syrah, sparklers and a desolate beach by moonlight. Those are all the details you get.



First Impressions

sunset limb 1
Originally uploaded by gregfulcher.

I’ve finally spent a few hours getting acquainted with the new camera and I’ve gotta say, this sucker rocks. Last night, after my run, I hit a few sites in West Groton at sunset.. here is one of my favorites. More to come!


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