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yeah yeah yeah…

I know, I know – it’s been a long while since I’ve offered anything up here… But.. as some of you may know, I’ve been a bit.. ummm.. busy.

I will try (falling short of promising) to post a proper recursive update in the near-term, but no guarantees there – at least not until I get through tomorrows’ little activity – the 2007 Boston Marathon. I’ve never been accused of being ‘normal’, so why even try? For all the news on the marathon, and our progress, check out the temporary blog site I started: Greg & Petra’s Marathon Page

I’m looking forward to giving this major life milestone the old college try – if my body cooperates and the weather isn’t as violent as they are predicting, I might just stand a chance, but if not, just getting to the point where 26.2 miles is possible was quite an accomplishment.

It’s the journey, not the destination, after all.



Thirty Three and a Third


It’s been non-stop since my last update, and I’m sandwiching a post in between a glorious afternoon and heading out with the boys for a night of Bluegrass, Pints & a fine, fine cigar at the Nashua Beer Garden.

Let’s see, aside from work being wham-blam (in a good way, which I won’t bore you with), everything is moving right along. It’s been nice to “work” from home this week, and when I say “work” I mean dabbling around here and there with line-items on my formidable list of things-to-do, and taking advantage of every last ray of the unseasonably warm Indian Summer sunshine. This afternoon, I cranked out my 110th mile since Sunday afternoon on my road bike – today was in the hills of Harvard, MA on unpopulated roads winding through apple orchards and mind-blowing foliage.

Last Friday marked my 33rd year, and I’ve gotta say, this 30-something stuff is pretty cool. People ask “so, how does it feel?” and like last year, and the year prior, my answer is the same: “Great”. I’m in better physical shape than I was at 25 by a long shot, and in a conversation with a friend a few days ago, I could kick off tomorrow and feel satisfied that I’ve had a wonderful go of it thus far. Granted, I’m not planning on kicking anything except back. I’d also likely be kinda pissed if it were to happen. What brings these thoughts of mortality? Well, statistically, 33 is more than likely about “37% there”, but for the sake of arguement and optimism just say that it’s a 1/3 of the way to an eventuality we all will someday face – and I’m OK with that. Are you?

OK – time for some bluegrass…



third act

Greetings from Planet Greg, all!

Yet another month (plus a few days for good measure) has passed with startling velocity, now we’re amidst early Autumn, although today’s 78 degree humidity is enough to trick the mind back into Summer. I was thinking the other day whilst on a bike ride around Groton about the changing of season, paying particular attention to the colors as I rode in relative seclusion, hearing only the dull hiss of bike tire on pavement and the mechanized churn of chain on cog.

That night, I composed this:

the greens – less saturated from thirty days prior
leaves displaced from their lofty perches
now scattered, scraping haphazardly on asphalt.

the sky, rendered now in brilliant china blue
as if earth’s colors were evaporating
into the space occupied now by migration

a new color palette is about to be unveiled
the shifting wind and its dry, pleasing crispness
a ceremonious third act, before the curtain of winter descends

Admittedly not a poet, and those literary geniuses out there will be able to pick it apart for structure (don’t bother), but the subtle changes just prior to the forthcoming explosion of color are where I find the most pleasure during a seasonal change. Next time you’re out & about.. Look up. Notice the migratory birds heading towards warmer climes, the sprigs of color in the canopy, hinting at what color the tree will change to this year, the depth of the sky. Look to your feet and notice the fallen leaves which will be next years’ fertilizer. Smell the leaves at your feet in the air. Listen to the fleeting chorus of insects, who’s only remaining members are those hearty enough to have survived the cold snap a few weeks ago.

Otherwise, everything has been great – a few noteworthy trips in the past month are best viewed pictorially..

San Francisco
Mount Washington
White Mountains Camping

And in other news, I participated in a Triathlon a few weekends ago as part of a team…
Our goal is to enter into a Half-Ironman for next summer – will see how the training goes over the winter! Felt good to ride in a competitive event once again, after over a decade away from it… Speaking of riding.. It’s about that time – until next time!



rip roarin’

Just slippin’ in under the 1 month wire here! Hot DAMN has it been a busy summer with not only work, but play as well. Despite the quantity of work going on (which I welcome with open arms as a free agent), the quality of work has made this one of the best summers in recent memory. Not being shackled in a windowless edit suite, inhaling recycled air all day has been a blessing. If the weather is nice, I work at night and play by day. Gotta love that. Also, social events have been prevailing nearly every weekend, and a couple nights a week since late Spring.

I’m going to back up for just a moment: sure, work has been great, adding to the quality of my summer, but the time I’ve been spending with a splendid lady has enriched my existence beyond words. So, P, if you’re reading: “thank you”!

With that said, the Road Rally was an absolute blast [photo gallery], until I came down with a gnarly case of strep throat (very strange) which brought with it a near 103 fever during the heatwave last week… Something surreal about shivering in 100 degree heat. Laying in bed for days, staring at the ceiling fan reminded me of the introductory scenes of Apocalypse Now, and then I fell asleep for 24 hours.

I’ve been working in Boston proper for the past week, with more days scattered throughout the next few months. It’s kinda fun being down there day in and day out, although the commute from Groton is a bit of a bear. The change of scenery is welcome, as it gets reasonably quiet out here in the sticks during the work week.

That’s where the bicycle comes in. My schedule and illness forced me off the saddle for about two weeks, but I’ve ridden the past three nights, well, not last night on second thought. Nothing like taking a two hour break in the middle of the afternoon to go hammer the backroads!

What else? Going camping with the crew this weekend in the White Mountains, and then it’s back to the grindstone until Labor Day weekend, when I’m boarding a plane to San Francisco and Napa. Looking forward to that trip, big time.

A few other firsts since we last chatted: I’ve been attacked by two dogs in completely different places, a duck, and almost become mincemeat in the 914 at the bequest of two asian guys in a rental van (closer than I’ve ever come to getting smoked, without actually getting smoked). I’ve also learned a lot of algebra.

I’ll leave you with a math joke: Why was the number six afraid of the number seven?

give up?

Because seven eight nine…




the heat

Happy Monday, all..

Just sitting here, sipping coffee mug #2, listening to Yo La Tengo, not quite ready to start working for the day… I should go out for my daily bike ride now, in the morning, while it’s still cool out, but logic & reason have been cast aside on account of drinking hot coffee.

Speaking of hot – I’ve been enjoying the first heatwave of the summer the past few days, with the next few being the anticipated hottest.

The weekend was sensational, spent mostly in Boston (where I snapped the accompanying photo), and partially in Lowell spectating a Triathlon. I’d like to aim towards competing in a Biathlon or two next year – unless this winter I can take some swimming lessons at the gym to get my swimming skills up to the task. I love being in the water, and can swim just fine or enough to save myself and perhaps somebody else, but I’ve always had trouble with the breathing sequence, invariably inhaling water, which is quite distracting!

Not much else to report, except a busy-ish week finishing a few little work projects, and working on the beginnings of some much larger ones. Stay cool out there, kids.. drink plenty of water (the main ingredient in beer, I’d like to add) and have some fun!




I’m back from a week and a few days away from the grind – the week brought me first to the Berkshires with Joe & Katie. On the agenda was camping and basking in the glow of late afternoon at Tanglewood for a live performance of A Prairie Home Companion. The evening lived up to all expectations and then some… In fact, the entire weekend did, as well.

Check out the gallery of the weekend (multiples pages)

On the Fourth, I cruised into Cambridge for a party and the the fireworks.. The forecasted stormy weather was staved off, enabling a stunning fireworks display on the Charles River. We enjoyed choice real estate directly across from the launch site…

Again, a gallery of the evening.

The next morning, it was to the Cape for a number of days, where my sister and her family were visiting. Spent a good part of the time doing yard work for mom and helping out around the house, and of course playing with my nephews.. A great time was had by all, and begrudgingly I drove back home on Saturday morning, somehow avoiding all traffic to & from the Cape (but not on). Sunday, it was off to CT for a VW show and visitation with Kevin & Brenda at their Bed & Breakfast

Monday, back to reality, dammit…

So, aside from the fact that we’re likely on the cusp of World War III, everything is hunky dory. Looking forward to the 2006 Island Pond Road Rally!

OK – gotta fly.. got some shit to do.



Oh, I have a penny….

It’s been a whirlwind 7 days, of the seven, I’ve been awake no later than 5:00am with the exception of Sunday (6:00am, and only because the dog woke me up), but most days around 4:15… Three of the days I commuted into Boston with Gabe for work, one of the days was on account of the canceled charity ride (see previous two posts) and today, we drove out to Lime Rock Park (the legendary race track) in Western Connecticut. All told, a three+ hour drive each way from my house not including stopping in Worcester for a greasy-spoon breakfast en route.

We spent all day shooting video of a Lotus track event for a couple of different projects currently in-works, which went well. The weather was fabulous and the photography and action great.

So what’s the big deal, you ask? Thus far, nothing really… On the way home, which also happened to be dinner time for the three of us, we stopped in Great Barrington, MA. Seemed like a funky little town – as most are in the Berkshire Mountains. The first tavern we went to was closed, but only on Tuesdays, the second one we found had a pretty cool vibe going on, and expectations were set reasonably high on account of this, and the recommendation from the Australian woman we asked on the street. Ordered up a Berkshire Brewing Company Pale Ale, which was a tad on the warm side, and a steak & cheese sandwich. A 10 dollar Steak & Cheese sandwich. The others ordered a waitress described “really, really good” burger and some sort of taco salad. Also both ringing in at about 10 dollars per each. The waitress also happened to be somewhat disinterested – not that I can blame her – food service would level with highway construction for me as a job.

Anyhow, the food eventually arrived, and I couldn’t believe what was placed in front of me. There was bread of some kind, which was just some “here you go” variety white roll, and somewhere inside was what amounted to thickly-cut roast beef, tossed in a frying pan with some american cheese melted atop it, thrown into most of the roll. That’s it. Two slices of “meat”. My colleague’s burger looked like a urinal cake, cracked in half but made of meat. The taco salad was a house salad with those cheap Costco brand round tortilla chips on top. If we weren’t ravenous, it all would have gone back. Just nasty.

Feeling slightly slighted by our 45 dollar meal-o-crap and miffed waitress (who resembled a young Juliet Lewis) with her umm, casual approach to waiting tables, we spied, across the street, a Creamery. Perfect: Ice cream before hopping in the car for the remaining 2hrs 45minutes of travel. We ordered two ice cream cones and a coffee, which I’d like to add were well, how do I say this.. diminutive. That might be generous, actually.

The total came to $7.51. My trusty colleague handed the girl a 10 dollar bill, and I immediately proclaimed “Oh, I have a penny…..” She giggled and said “ohhhhh, teeeheee, OK!” and took the penny, which had long ago lost it’s luster and clearly had been used as an improvised screwdriver, judging from the symmetrical divots on the edges. It was clear that our lovely ice cream server girl was now counting out 49 cents in change, mouthing silently as she counted the complex array of coins in the drawer, all while trying to figure out this extra penny now in her left hand. The register said $2.49 was the change, and somehow, she now had an even 2.50. WOW – HOW COULD THIS BE?

I then explained to her that she only needed to give him back 50 cents, as in, “two quarters”. She giggled again and jutted her arm out to hand him the .49 cents, putting the penny I gave her in the register. To be honest, I did this because the toll was 1.50, and we were out of change.

If the toll was 1.49, we’d be in luck!

Anyhow, my point is this: do they not teach the most basic of skills today? It’s inexcusable for someone in their mid-teens – hell, in their 2nd grade year, not to be able to make change. Tossing a penny at someone shouldn’t be grounds for mass confusion. This girl will likely graduate from high school, being released from captivity into the wilds of society, clearly she could use some guidance.

The rest of the trip was great – beautiful skies filled with cumulous clouds all reflecting and refracting the setting sun. Time for some sleep, knowing I don’t need to wake up before the sun does tomorrow.



And so I rode

Not wanting to be outdone by the weather and the cancellation of the MS Ride, and all the training I’ve been doing in preparation for said ride left me with one choice today.. Well, two. The first was to take a nap after such an early day… The second was to slap on the rain gear and saddle up for a ride.. I chose the latter, and wound up taking a nice 65 mile ride on my own.

I hope to do the same tomorrow – and get at least close to the 150 miles I intended for the weekend – and to justify all of the donations that people made for the cause. Our team raised about 1600 dollars for the MS society, woohoo!

OK – it’s 10:00pm on a Saturday evening, and I’m heading to bed.. F’in tired!



Well, That was Disappointing…



Oh, and more rain…

The adage “you can’t change the weather” I think is false, as it has been changed, er, broken… There is without question a shift in the weather patterns of the past few years, and this year has been rather wet. A few weeks ago, similar soggy conditions altered our grand plans for a camping trip, so we opted to camp at the house instead, sans technology, electricity and some other modern conveniences..

Joe and I have been looking forward to the MS Society 150 mile ride this weekend, for quite some time. Pledges have been rolling in (THANK YOU!) and this morning, we awoke around the 4:00am hour to make the drive into Boston, the departure point for the 2 day, 150 mile ride to Provincetown. We were pretty psyched to ride, and the weather just added another level of difficulty – no problem. Even bought some specific rain gear last night for the forecast.

We arrive and learn that the ride had been cancelled citing heavy rain, heavier rain on the horizon, and very poor road conditions. Yeah Yeah Yeah, I’m sure they’re correct, it’s not safe to ride on streets with 3″ of standing water. But, it doesn’t quell the disappointment any.

Just a moment or two after the announcement was made, we realized that we could have been drinking last night at the Old Court instead of carbo-loading on pasta… Imagine this: a Friday night, and Joe and I drinking water instead of our typical nefarious activities.

Well, anyhow – thanks again for all who pledged to a good cause – I turned in the pledges anyhow, and will do the miles on my own time, starting this afternoon. I wound up raising over 1000 dollars! Next year, perhaps the weather will cooperate.

Now, what to do with the weekend……




Hey again…

Damn it’s hard to believe that it’s June… hell, MID-JUNE! Time certainly has a way of sneaking by, compounded further by the fact we are all, despite what you may think or wish to believe, getting older. It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me – lots of work-related tasks and social obligations – if I had to guess, about equal parts of each.

Last Sunday, Joe and I met a friend of his, Jacob, in Portsmouth, NH to embark on a 50 mile training ride. I hadn’t done that distance on a bike since College – so a good test of my overall fitness for the 150 mile MS Charity Ride scarcely a week away. As an aside, if you haven’t pledged yet, there is very little time left – thanks though for those of you who have contributed to the cause (see post a few weeks ago).

Anyhow, where was I. Oh, yeah – the 50 mile ride. The first 50 miles were fine.. I just took it steady not knowing how my body would react. The next 5 – 8 miles was OK, too. As the odometer rolled over to 60, and we were still a solid 18 miles away from home base, my body started to protest. I fully expected to wake up dead in the morning, but a good nights sleep did wonders. Awoke Monday morning with sore quads, but that’s about it. Went for a brisk walk with doggie in West Groton to limber things up, and then saddled back up and went for a nice ride without any implications. Knocked off another 25 fast miles on Tuesday – definately excited about the 150 mile ride next weekend!

Let’s see, what else: went to a Mike Doughty concert last night in Providence with Sheila – which was a fantasic time. Mike Doughty is the ex front-man for the now-defunct band Soul Coughing. All this, after working on a good sized project proposal for a British company with US HQ’s in Ohio…

Pardon the crappy photo – it’s from my phone: but, we had choice real estate for the Doughty show!

Tonight, have a dinner arrangment and tomorrow I’ll hopefully spend at the garage prepping the 914 for AutoCross on Saturday morning, and prepping the THING for the big VW show in CT on Sunday… In between all this is dinner with Rob & Kathy in the North End Friday night, Garth and family’s Bon Voyage party in CT Saturday night…

Busy Busy Busy! Before we know it, it’ll be July. Mid-July, even.


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