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First Impressions

sunset limb 1
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I’ve finally spent a few hours getting acquainted with the new camera and I’ve gotta say, this sucker rocks. Last night, after my run, I hit a few sites in West Groton at sunset.. here is one of my favorites. More to come!



An Open Letter to President Bush

Fuck you.

Kind Regards,




So the Boston Marathon was a success… Petra and I finished together and in decent time for first-timers; 4 hours and 50 minutes – but most importantly, sans injury!

Now I can ride my bike, guilt free – and one thing I’ve noticed with all the marathon training is that my riding is WAY stronger than it ever has been before. Up-hills seem smaller, downhills are definitely faster. It’s also time to start focusing on the next tasks at hand: our trip to Europe in June/July, the 2007 Island Pond Road Rally, our wedding in September.. and beyond!

I’d also like to take a moment to state a few other life goals I have….

1) bike from San Francisco to Boston for charity

2) through-hike the Appalachian Trail

3) post to my blog more often

Seriously though – with this Marathon behind me, I feel a bit less jammed up and very, very excited to have energy enough to go party again!

Also, I finally pulled the trigger on a new camera – after deciding that I would like to pursue still photography as more than just a hobby. There are plenty of opportunities out there to take stock photos and another goal is to publish a coffee-table book at some point of my photos…

Now, if the weather would be a little less wet and gray, I could go out and play with the new addition: a Nikon D200 – it’s super sweet and will let me get back into the exploration of SLR-based photography and all of the manipulation it enables.

OK – much to do.. including have a fun weekend! Hope you do the same!



yeah yeah yeah…

I know, I know – it’s been a long while since I’ve offered anything up here… But.. as some of you may know, I’ve been a bit.. ummm.. busy.

I will try (falling short of promising) to post a proper recursive update in the near-term, but no guarantees there – at least not until I get through tomorrows’ little activity – the 2007 Boston Marathon. I’ve never been accused of being ‘normal’, so why even try? For all the news on the marathon, and our progress, check out the temporary blog site I started: Greg & Petra’s Marathon Page

I’m looking forward to giving this major life milestone the old college try – if my body cooperates and the weather isn’t as violent as they are predicting, I might just stand a chance, but if not, just getting to the point where 26.2 miles is possible was quite an accomplishment.

It’s the journey, not the destination, after all.



Thirty Three and a Third


It’s been non-stop since my last update, and I’m sandwiching a post in between a glorious afternoon and heading out with the boys for a night of Bluegrass, Pints & a fine, fine cigar at the Nashua Beer Garden.

Let’s see, aside from work being wham-blam (in a good way, which I won’t bore you with), everything is moving right along. It’s been nice to “work” from home this week, and when I say “work” I mean dabbling around here and there with line-items on my formidable list of things-to-do, and taking advantage of every last ray of the unseasonably warm Indian Summer sunshine. This afternoon, I cranked out my 110th mile since Sunday afternoon on my road bike – today was in the hills of Harvard, MA on unpopulated roads winding through apple orchards and mind-blowing foliage.

Last Friday marked my 33rd year, and I’ve gotta say, this 30-something stuff is pretty cool. People ask “so, how does it feel?” and like last year, and the year prior, my answer is the same: “Great”. I’m in better physical shape than I was at 25 by a long shot, and in a conversation with a friend a few days ago, I could kick off tomorrow and feel satisfied that I’ve had a wonderful go of it thus far. Granted, I’m not planning on kicking anything except back. I’d also likely be kinda pissed if it were to happen. What brings these thoughts of mortality? Well, statistically, 33 is more than likely about “37% there”, but for the sake of arguement and optimism just say that it’s a 1/3 of the way to an eventuality we all will someday face – and I’m OK with that. Are you?

OK – time for some bluegrass…



third act

Greetings from Planet Greg, all!

Yet another month (plus a few days for good measure) has passed with startling velocity, now we’re amidst early Autumn, although today’s 78 degree humidity is enough to trick the mind back into Summer. I was thinking the other day whilst on a bike ride around Groton about the changing of season, paying particular attention to the colors as I rode in relative seclusion, hearing only the dull hiss of bike tire on pavement and the mechanized churn of chain on cog.

That night, I composed this:

the greens – less saturated from thirty days prior
leaves displaced from their lofty perches
now scattered, scraping haphazardly on asphalt.

the sky, rendered now in brilliant china blue
as if earth’s colors were evaporating
into the space occupied now by migration

a new color palette is about to be unveiled
the shifting wind and its dry, pleasing crispness
a ceremonious third act, before the curtain of winter descends

Admittedly not a poet, and those literary geniuses out there will be able to pick it apart for structure (don’t bother), but the subtle changes just prior to the forthcoming explosion of color are where I find the most pleasure during a seasonal change. Next time you’re out & about.. Look up. Notice the migratory birds heading towards warmer climes, the sprigs of color in the canopy, hinting at what color the tree will change to this year, the depth of the sky. Look to your feet and notice the fallen leaves which will be next years’ fertilizer. Smell the leaves at your feet in the air. Listen to the fleeting chorus of insects, who’s only remaining members are those hearty enough to have survived the cold snap a few weeks ago.

Otherwise, everything has been great – a few noteworthy trips in the past month are best viewed pictorially..

San Francisco
Mount Washington
White Mountains Camping

And in other news, I participated in a Triathlon a few weekends ago as part of a team…
Our goal is to enter into a Half-Ironman for next summer – will see how the training goes over the winter! Felt good to ride in a competitive event once again, after over a decade away from it… Speaking of riding.. It’s about that time – until next time!



rip roarin’

Just slippin’ in under the 1 month wire here! Hot DAMN has it been a busy summer with not only work, but play as well. Despite the quantity of work going on (which I welcome with open arms as a free agent), the quality of work has made this one of the best summers in recent memory. Not being shackled in a windowless edit suite, inhaling recycled air all day has been a blessing. If the weather is nice, I work at night and play by day. Gotta love that. Also, social events have been prevailing nearly every weekend, and a couple nights a week since late Spring.

I’m going to back up for just a moment: sure, work has been great, adding to the quality of my summer, but the time I’ve been spending with a splendid lady has enriched my existence beyond words. So, P, if you’re reading: “thank you”!

With that said, the Road Rally was an absolute blast [photo gallery], until I came down with a gnarly case of strep throat (very strange) which brought with it a near 103 fever during the heatwave last week… Something surreal about shivering in 100 degree heat. Laying in bed for days, staring at the ceiling fan reminded me of the introductory scenes of Apocalypse Now, and then I fell asleep for 24 hours.

I’ve been working in Boston proper for the past week, with more days scattered throughout the next few months. It’s kinda fun being down there day in and day out, although the commute from Groton is a bit of a bear. The change of scenery is welcome, as it gets reasonably quiet out here in the sticks during the work week.

That’s where the bicycle comes in. My schedule and illness forced me off the saddle for about two weeks, but I’ve ridden the past three nights, well, not last night on second thought. Nothing like taking a two hour break in the middle of the afternoon to go hammer the backroads!

What else? Going camping with the crew this weekend in the White Mountains, and then it’s back to the grindstone until Labor Day weekend, when I’m boarding a plane to San Francisco and Napa. Looking forward to that trip, big time.

A few other firsts since we last chatted: I’ve been attacked by two dogs in completely different places, a duck, and almost become mincemeat in the 914 at the bequest of two asian guys in a rental van (closer than I’ve ever come to getting smoked, without actually getting smoked). I’ve also learned a lot of algebra.

I’ll leave you with a math joke: Why was the number six afraid of the number seven?

give up?

Because seven eight nine…



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